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What challanges company´s might face when adopting Additive Manufacturing (3D-printing) and Open Innovation in their Maintenance?

Gazmir Hajra 0

These are some of my thoughts on the challanges Maintenance might find with Additive Manufacturing (3D-printing) and Open Innovation.

1) If the company don’t own the machines or machinery and only rent them, it then may become a question of legal liability (because the machine manufacturer has not produced the parts or approved **** manufacturing processes) and depending on if the manufacturer shares the original drawings or not, the result might be that the company don´t have access to the original files and can´t continue any development.

2) When the company don’t have the correct drawings for the machinery. Sometimes the files from the manufacturer are not correct either.

3) If the company don’t fulfill the determined safety aspects given by the manufacturer, state or local laws of the 3d-printed parts e.g in electronics.

4)How do we determine which parts we need to order and have in stock, and which ones we will produce directly? In maintenance, there is a need for fast delivery, and AM is not that fast for the moment.

5) We will also have cost-based challenges, for instance we need to know which parts are cheaper in comparison to if we order it from the manufacturer.

7) Who will be responsible in warranty errands if something happens to the employees, facility, machines or parts?

6) ****´s customers may not be too positive on inviting external partners to their machine and machinery drawings for e.g., as it might endanger company secrets.

8) How do we handle patents, trademarks, terms, conditions, and copyrights if inventions or ideas are found?

9) Maybe **** and the customer can cooperate in this field and some of these problems will be easier to handle?

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