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What benefits do we get with additive manufacturing in our business model?

Gazmir Hajra 0

I like to write and share my ideas on maintenance and additive manufacturing, but in my last post I did not use any company name and only wrote ****, in this post I will chose a fictional name which I will call Crown Service Sweden AB abbreviated to CSS.

With AM, CSS can reduce assembly costs, delivery time, spare parts inventory costs and replace discontinued parts. CSS does not use AM in its business model today.

I find five main parts that CSS could directly benefit from when adopting AM technologies.

Reduce spare parts costs

Every person that works in industrial manufacturing knows how expensive spare parts are (for me inexplicable/illogic prices). Depending on material etc, CSS will make big savings with adopting AM.   

Reduce delivery time

One of our biggest concern is delivery time, as we maintain the customer´s machines, we need, sometimes, with a short amount of time, replace equipment/parts because of breakdowns that we could not predict beforehand. With a 3D-printer we could then print out the part directly, resulting eventually in a great win in delivery time, unlike if we would have ordered it from a supplier. This may also occur with non-critical parts if an error was made by our purchaser, such as failing to keep necessary spare parts in stock, we can decrease delivery time with AM. This will also be very positive from a sustainability perspective.

Reduce spare parts inventory costs

Keeping unnecessary inventory of spare parts can lead to:

·        Increased expenses, which is the biggest issue with high inventory-problems, the more parts we have the more space we need.

·        Occupying space for more important parts

·        In our case we cannot always purchase goods in bulk as we may need only one part and need to order 1 piece which will be at a higher price

Reduce assembly costs

As we keep down the overall costs, we will have a lower total assembly cost on the parts.

Replace discontinued parts

When working with maintenance there is a lot of occasions when the machines are old and there are no parts to be found. With AM we could really ease this issue.

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